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Weinberger's Business Interiors has almost every type of seating imaginable. All you need to do is tell us what your needs are and our knowledgable staff will propose and even demo our seating options to you. We have a vast amount of manufacturers to choose from. Therefore, we can meet any price point, function, look, and excell any feature you want. We have ergonomic analyzers on staff that can recommend quality solutions that will improve your posture, health, and comfort which prevents future health problems for our task seating. We have products that provide lumbar support, height and width adjustable arms, height adjustability, sliding seat pans, and more. Our seating products include: executive task seating, task seating, folding and nesting seating, lounge soft seating for reception areas, healthcare seating (antimicrobial and antibacterial), modular seating, cafe and dining chairs, guest chairs, and reconfigurable mobile seating for team meetings. This is just an idea of the seating possibilities that we can provide.

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