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About Our Business

About Our Business

At Weinberger's Business Interiors, located off Riverwatch Parkway in Augusta, GA, you will find that we are much more than a traditional furniture dealership. Our approach is to exceed the client's expectations. Our team experience allows us to seek and identify challenges that might otherwise be overlooked resulting in possible delayed installation and unexpected costs. We will help you identify work style deficiencies and offer solutions to improve productivity, office environment and employees morale, through customizing your furnishing needs.

We Work Smarter

Our philosophy has always centered on the idea of using intellligent design and a broad array of quality manufacturers to provide solutions that:

  • Work Within Your Budget

  • Create Efficient Environments

  • Improve Work Habits With Latest Ergonomic Solutions

  • Enhance Employee Morale and Productivity

  • Provide a Solution You Will Be Proud of

Meet Our Team
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